Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

#fqrlondon - Résumé

Already home for a week after a great weekend at #fqrlondon and here comes my résumé! The retreat started on Friday 19.7.13 at 13:00 h with the registration at Baden Powell House, at 14:00 h my first class started with Katy. In the morning I still had to work, but after a couple of hours I headed out to the airport. I couldn't make it on time, I already knew it before - I arrived for registration at 15:00h! 
Everybody was relaxed and after chatting around with a whole bunch of lovely people I decided to skip my class - I did EPP before and the class was announced for beginners. On Saturday I had two classes - Eraser stamp carving with Tacha...
and Trapunto with Ruth Singer...
Saturday evening there was a big quilt market in the main hall and - surely - I couldn't resist to buy some fabric and stuff!
Sunday morning I had my favorite class - cathedral window sewing with Brioni! It was hard work ironing and concentrate sewing: We were lucky to have the air-condition in the main hall!
Here you can see all my goodies I brought back from London:
It was a great weekend and I know for sure that I will go next year again!!! All in all I had a great time and I liked it even better then last year! Everything was organized neatly - a huge thank you to the FQ Team for the fantastic organisation! Again I met a lot of lovely quilter I already knew from Flickr, swaps and so on. And I promise to have a name badge for next year! I will write more about my classes here on my blog - but maybe not in english, sorry, but writing in english is not rolling off the tounge easily for me. But there is a translate button on my blog if you want to read more.
More about the FQ Retreat in  London you will find HERE!


  1. This makes me wish for going too next year ... hach :)

  2. :-) me too, will come again...this time alone ;-)
    Trying to continue my cathedral window today. Works better home....
    Bussi auf die andere Seite der großen Stasse!